Ensuring a slave on the go

Schiave tartare (Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Martirio di cinque frati francescani, particolare, Chiesa di San Francesco, Siena)

Slaves tartare (Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Martyrdom of five Franciscan friars, particular, Church of St. Francis, Siena)

A contract of marine insurance a bit 'special: a slave named Margarita, Hell, was loaded onto a ship direct to Pisa to Barcelona. Is ensured for 50 gold florins, with award 7%

The insurance policy is in the Tuscan cities (Pisa and Florence) an inscription written in the vernacular private.

Our bill was drawn up on 9 May 1402, the insurer is Michael Monduccio and the 'insured company Datini. The slave Margaret has to be transported from Porto Pisano in Barcelona with the ship led by Matthew Turo Catalan (Datini, 1158 codice 152)