The project

The “Project Datini”, funded by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture with the funds in the share of eight per thousand of the year 1999, on proposals approved by the Prime, was implemented through:

  1. the creation of an archive of images through the digitization of all the correspondence preserved in the Archives of Francesco di Marco Datini (about 150.000 letters);
  2. recovery and data import descriptive inventory of the work of Elena Cecchi, present on a previous data-base developed by Henri Auctions on MAC;
  3. the control and the implementation of all the descriptive data;
  4. the realization of an advanced computerized system for storage, consultation and refund the Datini Archive mode that allows advanced querying and consultation in both a local and web;
  5. the creation of descriptive metadata in XML format;
  6. creating characters with an output dedicated web accessibility and usability.

The project started in 2000 and was flanked, for the technological and computer, Lots and Lorenzo Franco Stefani (CNR-IFAC). Following a tender procedure, the supply has been entrusted to the company SIAV spa. of Padua. The work of image acquisition was completed in July 2005. The control of the data was completed in December 2006.

For encoding in XML and networking project (occurred in 2008), was used platform x-dams.

The current version (2014) is the result of a complete re-engineering, with the migration of the entire database by the system "Galileo" platform x-dams. E 'was also possible to implement the work of cataloging and then make available via the web more documents (forming part of the partitions "Correspondence" and "Acts and other documents") that in the previous version were not consulted.

The consultation of the complete database is now possible in web mode for both external users and users 'internal', thanks to the availability of the Municipality of Prato has made available storage space on your server "virtual" specifically dedicated to this project.

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Some data summary data:
Were produced:

  • 361.474 related images 148.265 documents (correspondence), equipped with many descriptions;
  • 1.173 descriptions related to the books;

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Scientific responsibility:
2002 – 2008 Diana Toccafondi (State Archives of Prato)
2011 – 2014 M. Raffaella de Gramatica (State Archives of Prato)

Construction Supervision and Testing Commission of the current version
M. Raffaella de Gramatica (State Archives of Prato)
Franco Lotti (CNR-IFAC)
Lorenzo Stefani (CNR-IFAC)

Scientific Advisor to the project, all'inventariazione collaboration and indexing 2002 – 2014:
Jerôme Hayez (CNRS – Paris)

2002 – 2008: all'inventariazione collaborators and control of the data: Simona Biagianti, Vanessa Castelnuovi, Giovanna Giusti, Chiara Marcheschi

2011 – 2014: checks archival, control input and descriptive data:Clare Marchesci; verification and control computer: Fabio Pinzani

Realization of the website and technological structure: regesta.exe
Graphic design and navigation structure: Simone Pasquini, Claudia Tarquinius

Properties of Images: State Archives of Prato